Singapore Chronicles: Diplomacy
Evelyn Goh & Daniel Chua
Singapore: Straits Times Press, 2015
ISBN: 9789814747080

Diplomacy has been crucial for Singapore's success abroad over the past 50 years. This book describes the many daunting challenges Singapore faced: separation from Malaysia; uncertain independence; tensions with its immediate neighbours; wars in Southeast Asia; oil shocks and financial crises; the waxing and waning power of the United States and China; and new security threats, including global terrorism, pandemics and trans-boundary pollution. The book demonstrates that Singapore's diplomacy has distinctively combined the characteristics of overcoming vulnerability; linking national security with economic development; playing a proactive role in international affairs; and emphasising cooperation with multiple partners. International events will continue to be unpredictable, and this book derives lessons from the past that can help Singapore develop even more agile diplomatic responses and far-sighted strategic planning.

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