Caring for Our People: 50 Years of Healthcare in Singapore
Ministry of Health
Singapore: Ministry of Health, 2015
ISBN: 9789810962102

Commemorating the advances in Singapore's public healthcare across 50 years since Independence, the book chronicles the transformation of our healthcare system, from one that was focused on basic issues such as health education, personal hygiene and sanitation, to one where we have gained international recognition as a biomedical research and innovation hub and a leader in the delivery of healthcare services. Over 50 interviews are featured in the book spanning seven chapters.

Key thought leaders and healthcare providers share their personal experiences of their profession and how the Singapore healthcare landscape has transformed. The stories and experiences of patients and volunteers are also captured in this book. Besides paying tribute to the men and women who have built up Singapore's healthcare system, the SG50 Healthcare Commemorative Book also takes a look at the way forward, in terms of the transformation of care that is needed to meet the healthcare needs of Singaporeans.

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