The Politics of Defeat: Preliminary Chapters and the Secret Diary of Francis Thomas
Margaret Thomas (ed.)
Singapore: Ethos Books, 2015
ISBN: 9789810961527

It was a diary that had first sat at the back of a locked steel cabinet for two decades and then in a taped box for close to another four decades.

A secret diary, kept by Cabinet Minister Francis Thomas, of the discussions and decisions that went on behind the scenes and determined the path of Singapore's political development during the late 1950s. It was a tumultuous time that saw the People's Action Party come into power because of the ineptitude -- or, in the words of Lee Kuan Yew, the corruption and stupidities -- of the Labour Front government.

The diary was kept by Francis Thomas, an Englishman who made Singapore his home and played a key role in the dying days of the Labour Front government. The Politics of Defeat is his inside story of those days.

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