My Life, My Story: Personal Narratives by Singapore's Seniors
Verena Tay (ed.)
Singapore: National Library Board, 2015
ISBN: 9789810960520

All of us have life stories to tell. But the elusive process by which those memories come together to produce a story that moves, entertains or provokes requires lots of hard work -- and the guidance of a good mentor!

The National Library Board is proud to bring you selected works from participants of a memoir writing workshop series it ran with author Verena Tay in 2015.

In this array of seven memoir pieces, you will get a glimpse into childhoods from bygone days, intriguing family histories, and brave personal journeys -- all of which, whether they make you laugh, cry or reminisce, show how unique our lives are in both their delightful and difficult moments, and yet how intertwined we are through the places and communities we share.

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