From Clementi to Carnegie: The Journey of Singaporean Violinist Siow Lee Chin
Siow Lee Chin
Singapore: Straits Times Press, 2015
ISBN: 9789814642224

From Clementi to Carnegie is an inspirational autobiography of Singaporean violinist Siow Lee Chin. The story of one of Singapore's favorite daughters of classical music began at age 15 when, against the odds, Lee Chin made the leap from her humble Clementi HDB flat to become the first Singaporean talent-spotted to study at America's prestigious Curtis Institute of Music, which has produced musical giants the likes of conductor Leonard Bernstein. Single-handedly, she carved a name as one of the most distinguished violinists of her generation, at a time when classical music was not the popular career choice in Singapore. But success was by no means smooth sailing.

In 2012, she faced her biggest setback -- a career-threatening injury from a car accident which broke both bones in her left arm -- the arm which holds her violin. Surgery could not guarantee that she would ever regain the fine motor skills needed to make her violin sing again. But through faith and determination, she worked note by note, scale by scale to put her life together again. A year after her accident, she made her comeback as a soloist performing the Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, considered one of the most technically demanding pieces for a violinist. Today, Lee Chin is 100% back on track (with titanium-reinforced arms), honoured to share her inspirational journey with the world.

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