Elections in Singapore: 1948-2011
Chiang Hai Ding
Singapore: Straits Times Press, 2015
ISBN: 9789814642163

This is a brief history of political elections in Singapore. It is especially timely as a general election has to be held about five years after the 2011 general election.

The book sets the backdrop for the forthcoming general election. How will the political process evolve in the post-Lee Kuan Yew era?

This book is written for the citizens, voters, students of history and politics, and all who have an interest in the governance of Singapore.

It traces the evolution of the political process in Singapore after World War II, from Crown Colony to self-governing state, to a state within Malaysia, to an independent and sovereign Republic, up till the two elections in 2011.

It discusses the reasons for the PAP’s dominance in Parliament.

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