In Time, Out of Place
You Jin
Singapore: Epigram Books, 2014
ISBN: 9789814615044

To read a You Jin travel essay is to journey to a specific time and location, and to encounter individual people there who bring the place near, making it more tangible for the reader than it could otherwise be.

You Jin brings to her travel writing the same wit and storytelling ability evident in her fiction, adept at capturing a whimsical incident and weaving it into a narrative that is both compelling and amusing, such as her travels in Eastern Europe in the early 1990s, when the region was undergoing dramatic change. Nearly every continent is represented in this volume, beautifully captured with her trademark spirited good humour, bringing to life the vastness of the globe we inhabit, as well as more intimate encounters with the people she meets along the way, be they fellow travellers or residents of the places she visits.

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