Evolution Garden: Time Travel Through the Plant Kingdom
Ian Turner & Ilsa Sharp
Singapore: National Parks Board, 2014
ISBN: 9789810512682

The Evolution Garden, located at one end of the northern sector, or Discovery Core, of the Botanic Gardens, is a unique concept in garden design. Visitors are taken upon an exciting educational journey that is visually and mentally stimulating.The message that our fragile planet has changed, and is still changing, is boldly illustrated in this Evolution Garden. Its message is that plants are not only beautiful but also crucial to the survival of all life: they make the planet liveable for creatures large and small, and continue to provide for human and environmental sustenance.

This beautiful book goes beyond complementing the displays and guiding visitors through the Evolution Garden. It contains enough information to serve as a stand-alone reference on the exciting journey that our planet has taken, from its primeval misty beginnings to the extraordinary flowering paradise that the blue planet has become.

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