SG100?: Leading Thinkers Envision Singapore in 2065
Chua Mui Hoong (ed.)
Singapore: Straits Times Press, 2015
ISBN: 9789814642514

Compiled into one exciting volume by Chua Mui Hoong, Opinion Editor of The Straits Times, leading thinkers give their take on trends that will shape Singapore in the next 50 years.

Will there even be a Singapore?
A Lee Kuan Yew-inspired New World Order?
How to face the 'Chinese dilemma' as China rises?
Politics in 2065: Primal or pragmatic?
Do you still need cows, if you can 3D print beef slices?
Can robot chefs serve quality char kway teow?
Cereal made from good bacteria, for your gut’s sake?
Will driverless cars become a reality?

Futurist guru Peter Schwart, leading "global city" sociologist Saskia Sassen, Prof Tommy Koh, Prof Wang Gungwu, diplomat Bilahari Kausikan, business guru Ho Kwon Ping and other opinion leaders explore the answers to these questions with thought-provoking musings that thrill, inspire and amuse.

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