Chinese Women's Association: 100 Fabulous Years
The Chinese Women's Association
Singapore: Editions Didier Millet, 2015
ISBN: 9789814385695

The Chinese Ladies' Association was formed in 1915 by twenty-three independent and modern young women from prominent Chinese families in Singapore. Chinese Women's Association: 100 Fabulous Years begins with their stories. It then goes on to chart the lives of the association's presidents and the impressive accomplishments of the CWA, including its thirty-two-year management and funding of Henderson Senior Citizen's Home.

The book also features articles written by members, past and present, reflecting on their lives; many of these pieces give the reader insight into the lives of women in 20th-century Singapore. Of course, the women of the CWA are fun-loving and adventurous, and no book about the association and its history would be complete without stories from their travels together and photographs from their elaborate fundraising events.

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