Uncle Anthony's Hokkien Recipes
Anthony Loo Hock Chye & Samantha Lee
Singapore: Epigram Books, 2014
ISBN: 9789810797980

Enjoy the rich culinary heritage of the Hokkiens with this slim, elegant cookbook, which features over 80 authentic family recipes.

Besides Hokkien classics such as braised pork knuckle and bak kut teh, this book features many little-known traditional Hokkien dishes -- some even exclusive to the author's family, such as sticky mee sua soup and Grandma's stewed chicken in soya sauce.

Anthony Loo was born to a quintessentially Hokkien family in Singapore. His parents moved to Singapore from Xiamen, China, in the 1920s; it was from them he learnt the many heritage recipes compiled in this book. Growing up amongst the braises and stir-fries of the Hokkien diaspora, Anthony developed a passion for cooking which culminated in tzechar and hawker businesses. But his greatest joy comes from preparing Hokkien feasts for his friends and family, which he believes has the power to draw people together.

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