My Pictorial Book of Dialect Idioms & Slangs
Kuan Eng
Singapore: Sibey Nostalgic, 2014
ISBN: 9789810927080

After launching Singapore's first series of dialect pictorial books last year, Kuan Eng explored further the topic of dialects in Singapore. As he commonly uses dialects at home and in his social work, he ventures into dialect idioms and slangs in his new book.

Designed in a colourful and engaging manner, 100 idioms and slangs are accompanied by illustrations. This book strives to stir the interest of young Singaporeans in learning more about dialects and using them to build rapport with the elderly. Presented in Hokkien, it also covers adaptations of the idioms/slangs in Teochew and Cantonese, whenever applicable. The meaning and example of usage of these idioms/slangs are also included.

This book is also published to honour the pioneer generation who brought their dialects to Singapore decades ago. Through this book, readers will be able to get in touch with their linguistic heritage and also discover how dialects play an integral part in our lives as well as the evolution of Singlish.

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