Teens and the Law [2nd ed.]
Singapore Association of Women Lawyers
Singapore: Singapore Association of Women Lawyers, 2014
ISBN: 9789813065970

Teenagers face many challenges navigating through the physical and environmental development of their teenage years. It is during this difficult period that they may break the law unintentionally. As a result the consequences can leave emotional, financial and legal scars that can last a lifetime.

This book, Teens & the Law provides teens with the basic principles of legal protection and helps them understand the real life consequences and penalties of breaking the law. It also provides sources of additional information such as websites on the issues faced by teenagers in today's context and where they can turn to for counselling solutions. It is the only book in Singapore that explains the law relating to teenagers in simple English.

Today's teens are spending more time on social media like Facebook and Twitter. New in this book are the inherent dangers associated with using or visiting social networking sites -- the perils of the internet, information security threats, human vulnerabilities and traps on the internet. Teens need to be aware of the enormous consequences of posting personal information online and how to handle these situations.

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