Happiness and Wellbeing: The Singapore Experience
Siok Kuan Tambyah & Soo Jiuan Tan
UK: Routledge, 2012
ISBN: 9780415506724

This book is part of the continuing research on quality of life issues conducted by its authors, and builds on past research on the values and lifestyles of Singaporeans (published in 1999 and 2004) and the wellbeing of Singaporeans (published in 2009). It focuses on the happiness and wellbeing of Singaporeans and details the findings of a large-scale quality-of-life survey of 1500 Singapore residents in 2011 (the QOL 2011 survey). This comprehensive study provides insights into Singaporeans' general life satisfaction and satisfaction with their life domains, happiness, enjoyment, achievement, emotional wellbeing, psychological wellbeing, economic wellbeing, overall wellbeing, happiness, enjoyment, achievement, personal values, spirituality, value orientations, national identity, and satisfaction with rights. In addition, the QOL 2011 survey builds on previous nation-wide surveys in 1991, 1996, and 2001, thus providing a longitudinal perspective into how the various aspects of the wellbeing of Singaporeans have evolved through the years. This book aims to provide a comprehensive reference for academics, practitioners, policy makers, researchers, and students who are interested in the subject of happiness and wellbeing in Singapore. It can also be used as a reference for other countries who are interested to promote happiness and wellbeing of their nations.

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